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When Life Gets Tough, We’re Here To Listen



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Who are we?

We are a support group for men and their mental health. Established in 2019, We get together a couple of times a month and have a stroll around open green spaces in across the uk, whilst having a chat in a safe place without judgement! It gives us guys the opportunity to offload, get things off our chest and talk about how we are feeling rather than bottling it up and suffering in silence.

Mental fitness is just as is important as our physical fitness. Men in general find it difficult to open up and talk about their feelings. We often see it as a weakness, we feel we always need to be strong, tough and macho. That’s a lot of pressure we are putting on ourselves! Here at Walk&Talk4Men, we want to encourage men that’s it’s okay to talk and that nobody is alone.

How to join?

It’s as simple as seeing a walk you would like to attend and coming along. If you would like to reach out beforehand, please do get in touch and we can answer any questions you might have and we’ll be happy to help.

You can find our social media channels below or you can drop us an email – We look forward to welcoming you on the next walk!

Upcoming Events

EVERY THURSDAY over summer, 8PM

Tea at the Quay, Mistley, Manningtree

SUN, 25 JUN 2023 AT 10AM

Haigh Hall, Woodland Park, Wigan

SUN, 09 jul 2023 AT 11AM

The River Walk, Witham, Essex