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We are very excited to announce that we have a special one off event coming at the end of this month for our gents and bros in Essex. Those of you who watched the first series of our #BrainTrainingLive sessions on our Instagram that we did a couple of years ago during lockdown, will remember when we spoke with Ruth Mortimer. She is the incredible counsellor, therapist and guide who is the founder of Forest Clouds Nature Therapy, and she runs regular forest bathing sessions in Hatfield Forest.

Forest bathing derives from the term “Shinrin-Yoku”, when it was suggested by the Japanese Forest Agency in the 1980s as a practice to help reconnect with nature, and calm stressed out city dwellers. Basically, to spend time forest bathing is to help bring about better health, happiness and a feeling of calm, just from surrounding yourself in a forest atmosphere, and taking in your surroundings. Despite its name, you can relax fellas – no budgie smugglers required here!

We are very lucky because Ruth has very kindly offered to do a forest bathing session which will be open to all genders on one of our next Sunday walk events over in Mistley, which will be happening on Sunday 30th July at 10am. We’ll be starting from our usual meeting place at Tea at the Quay along the quayside. However, just for this particular walk event, for the forest bathing session, there are currently just 12 spaces available for this.

We want to ensure everyone has an equal chance to register for this, so that we have a clear idea of numbers. Therefore, if you are able to drop us an email to at the earliest opportunity with your name and best contact number – we will be allocating places for the forest bathing on a first-come-first-serve basis only. As soon as all slots become filled, we will notify via our blog and our social media channels.

All are welcome to join us back at Tea at the Quay afterwards for teas and coffees as usual. Our thanks again to Ruth for offering us this opportunity – we look forward to hopefully seeing you along at this unique event on 30th July.

All the best,

James Mace (Founder, Walk&Talk4Men)